Bruce Bernhart RV Topics

Bruce Bernhart RV Topics

Original articles plus the "best of the web" on RV care and maintenance by RV writer and ethusiast Bruce Bernhart

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In Minnesota, Bruce Bernhart has been a camping and RV enthusiast since the mid-1980's

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Important Tire Tips:

-If your RV duals came with rubber tire stem extenders, replace them immediately with metal extenders.  I learned the hard way when a rubber extender on one of the inside rear duals came loose, was sliced off by the wheel and went flat.  And be sure those extenders are fastened securely to the wheel!

-Always cover your tires when not in use to protect them from UV rays, which will slowly eat away at the rubber.  You can use anything, even piece of cardboard.  You will easily lose one year of life from your tires if you don't keep them shielded from the sun.

-I keep my tires about 5% above the recvommended pressure. I am told by tire experts that this will prolong the life of the tires.

- When storing your RV during the winter, try to keep the tires off cold cement. You can do this by putting  pieces of 1/4 inch thick plywood under the tires.

-Take out roadside assistance coverage.  The first time a tire goes flat on the road, it will pay for itself- and sooner or later, that will happen!

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Bruce Bernhart RV Topics

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